Thank you for your input. I like the Wu-Tang Clan, their music and martial arts movie produced by RZA. More specifically, the Wu-Tang Clan got the title of their album through the martial arts film, “Shaolin and WuTang” The word Wu-Tang originates from “Wu Dang, the Taoist holy mountain located in Central China in the Hubei Province” Wu-Tang Clan are fans of martial arts movies as am I. Wu-Tang Clan assembled in late 1992 with RZA as the de facto leader and the group’s producer. RZA and Ol’ Dirty Bastard adopted the name for the group after the film Shaolin and Wu-Tang. Their debut album loosely adopted a Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang theme, dividing the album into Shaolin and Wu-Tang sections. They often use samples of various martial arts movies in music and songs. See this link:

I give the Wu-Tang clan much respect and I would not state what they do as cultural or race appropriation. Some Asian countries have hip hop groups that are very popular internationally. The most popular group at the moment is South Korea’s BTS. The made history at the 2019 Grammies.

I am making the point that anyone following in the footsteps of another culture, race or people is not necessarily an appropriation. I would call it paying “Homage” to the originators as long as due credit is given to them also. I thank you for taking the time to respond to my original comment. My regards and respect to you.

Retired from the Aerospace Industry. I write Satire, Humor, and Funny stories about the absurd things in life.

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