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We are a fanatical ice cream family, we always have ice cream in our freezer for our daily fix, no matter the season or weather. When the newest food craze hit the internet I had to check into it. The ice cream sensation began in a little ice cream shop called ICE in Falkirk, Scotland and it became a curiosity for millions of foodies internationally.

I managed to obtain a recipe after an arduous search and as expected, the ingredients were the usual for the making of ice cream except for the addition of mayonnaise. After an exciting confrontation with a bull, I managed to obtain fresh milk from an uncooperative cow and the other essential ingredients. I got out the old trusty ice cream maker and proceeded to make mayonnaise ice cream.

The mayonnaise ice cream was finally ready and we gathered in the kitchen for the tasting. I went first and found the ice cream to be rich and creamy. My wife and daughter appeared as if they were gagging and left the house for Carvel ice cream. I found myself after several spoonfuls more, an almost irresistible urge to mix tuna fish into the ice cream! I didn’t have any tuna fish but I had leftover baked potatoes and I ate it with the ice cream. It wasn’t bad, but I would not make this ice cream again.

A passing thought flickered into my mind, Ranch Dressing Ice Cream anyone?

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