I feel that your story was an enjoyable read but I disagree with your calling out Nora Lum for misappropriation of black culture. I am of Chinese descent who grew up in New York. People who are familiar with the Flushing, Queens area know that most of the kids who live there, all talk like the Awkwafina character in the movie with a very distinct Queens, New York accent for those in the know, since the 1980’s. Nora Lum was raised by her grandparents who owned a restaurant in the area called Lums’. She started her career as a rapper and had a solo album and many singles along with many youtube videos. She has performed with Tenacious D and Margaret Cho. Nora Lum played a character in a movie and she used the mannerisms and the rapper’s voice of her own past. In this modern age of digital globalization, mixed-race marriages, shared or co-written music, accusations of cultural appropriation has less validity and outrage. The Rolling Stones and the Beatles were white bands who based their music on black artists. Not all rappers are black. there are all races in the genre. Think of the world popularity of Korean Kpop musical groups who rap. A black rap group called Wu-Tang Clan uses aspects of Chinese culture in their work. The modern society that we live in now is a shared or homogenized culture and will become more so in the future. Thanks for the enjoyable read, Clifton!

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Retired from the Aerospace Industry. I write Satire, Humor, and Funny stories about the absurd things in life. medium.com/metaphorically

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