During the 8 years of a civil, gentlemanly President Obama, the Republicans have been obstructive, insulting, race-baiting, and spewing all kinds of accusations and hate upon his Presidency and his family. The Republicans have viewed President Obama as weak and ineffective for not striking back. They have stepped up their vitriol and used the same method to attack others that are not of their “Tribe” which propelled their “Chosen One” into the Presidency, Congress, Governorship and other State Offices throughout our country. They deemed that this method will ensure their hold on power far into the future because all their opponents are weak and too civil to effectively counter them. My only concern is that if we use the Republican method too strongly, it will be detrimental to proper political discourse and undermine Democracy in our nation. We can fight back firmly but we need to maintain our side’s civility. Thank You for a great article, H. Michael Harvey!

Retired from the Aerospace Industry. I write Satire, Humor, and Funny stories about the absurd things in life. medium.com/metaphorically

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