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This past week, Trump asked Congress to speed up approval for Intel, AMD and Qualcomm to sell Telecommunications chips to China for use in 2 Chinese telecommunications and internet equipment and phone manufacturing companies . The companies in question are ZTE and Huawei. These 2 companies are losing money and jobs because their production and sales are backlogged due to the slow process of export approval of the required chips needed. U.S. Intelligence Agencies are advising denial of the export approval because the telecommunications chip can be programmed with the ability to act as spyware and to steal Data. The Intelligence Agencies are concerned that the 2 Chinese Company’s products will make their way to North Korea and other unfriendly nations. Trump doesn’t care about that because he wants a strong bargaining chip in his trade talks with President Xi of China. Trump believes that the chip sale approval will incentivize President Xi to give Trump whatever trade and tariff deals Trump wants. Trump is telling Congress to walk with him up to crossing the line of treason in order to look like a winner on the trade talks and besides it’s not like China or North Korea ever stole anything from the U.S. right? Nixon once said that “It’s not illegal when the President does it!” Trump may actually believe that the Nixon statement is an actual written law. The Government of the U.S. is being urged to make “China Great Again”. I guess “Treason For Dollars” looks like a great Tweet for the Twit President. BE Best.

Trump canceled the Singapore Summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un because North Korea called Mike Pence a “Political Dummy”. He was called that because of Pence’s statement that the U.S. will follow the “Libyan Model” protocol of negotiation. The Libyan Model Treaty was an agreement that Gaddafi agreed to give up his nukes and denuclearize. After the treaty was signed, the U.S. backed the Libyan rebels who then captured, tortured and killed Gaddafi and plunged Libya into mass chaos.

John Bolton, Secretary Of Defense has insisted on the Libyan Model in his statements when he joined the Trump Administration. North Korea has taken that to mean that the Trump administration wants to have Kim Jong Un killed. The North Korean’s consensus was that no treaty talks are possible if the Libyan Model is Trump’s goal. On Friday afternoon May 25, Trump suggests that the Summit can still happen but at a later date due to both sides dialing back their rhetoric and both sides expressing openness to talk. It seems like the question is, “Is the wedding on or off?”

The North Korea Summit Commemorative Coin that was being sold from the online White House Gift Shop had its original price of $25 reduced to $19.95 since the Summit for June 12th was canceled by Trump. Some people had contended that Kim Jong Un’s profile appeared to be taller than Trump and Trump was so upset that he killed the Summit because of it.

Trump is now sporting a new hairstyle to appear taller. He says that his profile will now be at least 2 inches taller than Kim Jong Un’s profile. Trump has concerns about his baby hands, possibly small genitals and now his short stature. It has been reported that Trump was so infuriated that as John Kelly his Chief Of Staff, was walking by, his phone with the ringtone of Randy Newman’s “Short People Got No Reason To Live” playing, Trump slugged Kelly and knocked him out.

Trump is helping his MAGATS prepare for Summer by offering MAGA swimwear on his Trump Campaign website. This is offered so that people can never forget what his campaign slogan is by making sure that MAGA is on everything possible in everyday items, including the foods you eat, clothing you wear and all the new born babies will have MAGA permanently tattooed on their foreheads before they leave the Birthing Centers and Hospitals.

Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner, a man who claims to know all things and be quite capable to accomplish anything, opened the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem as the 1st step in his plan for Peace in the Middle East. He wisely chose May 14th the anniversary of the Israel Independence. It was also coincidentally the “Nakba”, the day when 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes, lands and had 400 to 600 villages flattened. Kushner (the self-declared genius) wondered why the Palestinians and most of the Arab states were extremely upset and why protests in the Arab world began. Total casualties of Palestinians since the protests began are 55 dead 2,770 injured. Jared Kushner the Boy Wonder, became like C3PO who aimlessly wanders or blunders into trouble and where everybody looks at him and just shake their heads. BE Best Boy Wonder is now Be Best Boy Blunder.

Last month, some Republicans in Congress and the MAGATS were pushing the idea that Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize for making North Korea come to the table for Treaty Talks. Trump himself began to believe that it was a people’s movement to help him obtain the Nobel and he began to believe he rightfully deserves it. Trump went golfing one weekend during the time that both North and South Korean Leaders were having their Peace talks and the idea of a summit meeting between the U.S. and North Korea became amenable to Kim Jong Un. Trump was elated when he heard about this and declared that this would not have been possible, without his strong leadership. Anyway, back at the Golf Course Clubhouse, Trump ran into an old golfing friend who was there with a female companion. This female companion was given the nickname “Bell” by the locals at the Clubhouse, she was called Bell because she was available to anyone who gives her a ring on her phone. Trump’s friend saw that Trump was staring at Bell with much interest and so he asked Trump “You wanna know Bell?” Trump either misunderstanding or mishearing the question answered “Yes, I want a Nobel.” A White House staffer who was there heard the conversation and told staffers back at the White House about Trump’s desire for a Nobel. The word got back to Sean Hannity and Fox News. Fox News and Hannity began to broadcast that Trump should receive a Nobel. That is how the whole Nobel thing started. Be Best White House Staffers and Fox News.

MAGATS pronounced as maggots, is defined in the story as “Make America Great Again Trump Supporters” or whatever you readers wish to define it as. I leave that up to you! Be Best!



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Hank Eng

Hank Eng

Retired from the Aerospace Industry. I write Satire, Humor, and Funny stories about the absurd things in life.