Alien Immigration, Babylon 6, Space Force And President Trump Of Earth

Hank Eng
4 min readAug 10, 2018

Satire Goes With Everything

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Upon learning that there are Space Alien Beings of color of whom may have been coming to our planet Earth without documentation or permission; President Trump declared that the U.S. military must have a 6th military branch to be called the U.S. Space Force to protect Earth from crossing Earth’s borders. President Trump declared himself President of the U.S. but also of Earth. He will also assume command of not only the Space Force but that of all the military of all nations on Earth as Earth’s 1st President and Supreme Commander of Earth Defense. He ordered that a 35,000 mile high orbital space station be built to act as a Space Alien Immigration Station and act as a outpost for the Space Force. It will act as a wall in space and Trump says it will be paid for by Mexico. A new wing will be built and added to the 5 sided Pentagon building to house the new headquarters of the U.S. Space Force. It will be transformed into a 6 sided building to be known as the Hexagon.

Trump in Space Force Uniform Photo Credit:

Trump will order Congress to approve $2.5 trillion dollars as startup money to fund this endeavor and demanded that a flashy military uniform befitting his position as Supreme Military Space Commander be made for him. As a teenager, he was inspired to be Earth’s President when he happen to catch an episode of “Babylon 5” on TV by accident. He dreamed of and aspired to become a real life version of Earth Defense General and President, Sheridan. He also wanted a wife who is standoffish and cold like Sheridan’s wife Delenn and he found her in his present wife and First Lady Melania.

Left: Delenn Credit: Right: Melania

General “Bonespurs” believes this Space Force program will boost the U.S. economy and benefit U.S. industries. There will be profits for U.S. steel and aluminum companies, the Flint Water Management Company, Boeing, and prison systems management companies. The prison systems management companies will work closely with ICE and Homeland Security to rip alien…

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